Chitta Baral

Kazuaki Kashihara
PhD Student

Yiran Luo
PhD Student

Shailaja Sampat
PhD Student

Pratyay Banerjee
PhD Student

Natural Language Understanding,
Question Answering,
Reasoning over Text

Tejas Gokhale
PhD Student

Computer Vision,
Visual Reasoning,
Vision + Language

Kuntal Pal
PhD Student

Swaroop Mishra
PhD Student

Neeraj Varshney
PhD Student

Natural Language Understanding,
Question Answering,

Man Luo
PhD Student

Question Answering
Knowledge Representation & Reasoning

Hong Guan
PhD Student

Learning and Planning,
Natural Language Understanding

Ming Shen
PhD Student


PhD alumni

Arindam Mitra, Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Learning for Non-Extractive Reading Comprehension, Sept 2019 (Currently: Microsoft Research)
Arpit Sharma, Towards Understanding Natural Language: Semantic Parsing, Commonsense Knowledge Acquisition, Reasoning Framework and Applications, July 2019 (Currently: Walmart Labs)
Somak Aditya, Knowledge and Reasoning for Image Understanding, June 2018 (Currently: Adobe Research, Bangalore)
Gregory Gelfond, Representing and Reasoning about Dynamic Multi-Agent Domains: An Action Language Approach, May 2018 (Currently: Research Fellow, University of Nebraska Omaha)
Nguyen Vo, Answering Deep Queries Specified in Natural Language with Respect to a Frame Based Knowledge Base and Developing Related Natural Language Understanding Components, Aug 2015 (Currently: Google AI)
Saadat Anwar, Representing, Reasoning and Answering Questions about Biological Pathways Various Applications, May 2014 (Currently: Lead Scientific Software Engineer, ASU School Of Earth and Space Exploration)
Bob Leaman, Advancing Biomedical Named Entity Recognition with Multivariate Feature Selection and Semantically Motivated Features, Dec 2012 (Currently: Research Fellow, National Library of Medicine)
Jicheng Zhao, Representing and Reasoning about Goals and Policies of Agents, 2011 (Currently: Baidu)
Luis Ng Tari, A framework for the integration of information retrieval and parse tree database with applications in the genomics domain, Aug 2009 (Currently: NLP Research Scientist, UpToDate, Wolters Kluwer Health)
Xin Zhang, thesis title, July 2008 (Currently: Google)
Nam Tran, thesis title, Oct 2006 (Next: GE Research)
Le-Chi Tuan, thesis title, Dec 2004
Raul Trejo, Interval computation methods and probabilistic methods for planning and plan checking under uncertainty and incomplete information, 2001
Graciela Gonzalez, A Display Specification Language for Multimedia Databases, 2000 (Currently: Associate Professor of Informatics, University of Pennsylvania)
Tran Cao San, Reasoning about sensing actions and its application to diagnostic problem solving, 2000 (Currently: Professor, New Mexico State University)

MS alumni

Ishan Shrivastava July 2019 (Next: GumGum Inc., Los Angeles)
Vaishnavi Batni July 2019 (Next: Facebook)
Aurgho Bhattacharjee July 2019 (Next: Amazon, Seattle)
Ashok Prakash October 2019 (Next: Oracle)
Shubham Gondane July 2019
Sanjay Narayana April 2020
Sam Rawal April 2020 (Next: University of Illinois College of Medicine)

UG alumni

Sam Rawal 2018 (Next: MS at ASU)